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One of the modern and professional leading clubs in the Baltic States. Highly professional with certified team, an individual approach to every client, unique programs, modernly equipped cardio and functional gyms, world brand LifeFitness innovative equipment. Our club is the right choice not only for healthy and sporty lifestyle fans, but also for professionals in the field of sports and fitness.

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Fitness yoga

Fitness yoga is a body-strengthening and muscle-toning activity aimed at optimizing and improving the functioning of internal organs and blood circulation. It acts on the deep muscles, tendons and ligaments, relaxes the tense muscles of the back and neck vertebrae, which improves the body’s metabolism.



Very effective method of functional training using body weight on special loops to work out whole body muscles. The loops for functional training help to develop all muscle groups by integrating stability, mobility, strength and flexibility. Special attention is paid to corset muscles. Training is suitable for people with medium, medium-high level of physical skills. As the result, you will get harmonious and effective development of muscle strength, as well as the trainings will help you to increase the level of endurance, flexibility and balance.


Circuit training

Circular strength training using special equipment to work out all body muscle groups in an aerobic mode. This workout burns 30% more calories than regular strength training in the gym. This training is suitable for people with medium-high and high level of physical skills. As the result, you will lose subcutaneous fat, training will improve your physical condition and will help to increase muscle endurance.



A complex of physical exercises that employ the deepest muscles and structures of the body. Pilates techniques are based on six principles – concentration, centralization, fluency, breathing, control and precision. The training helps to restore mobility and natural flexibility of the spine and joints. The workout is suitable for people any level of physical skills. As the result, the deep muscles of the body are strengthened, posture and gait as well as mood are improved.



An energetic and active water aerobics class, in which specially designed equipment is used. The workout perfectly helps to strengthen the charming tone and lifting effect of all muscle groups. Classes are suitable for people with any level of physical skills, posture correction and weight loss, as well as a method of rehabilitation after injuries. As a result, you will get a beautiful and strong body, as well as a feeling of lightness and a good mood for the whole day.



Body toning – strength training, aimed at strengthening all muscle groups and increasing body tone. During the training, specialized fitness equipment is used, as well as the client’s own body weight. As a result, dexterity and muscle strength is developed, body flexibility and muscles strength is increased, overall endurance and a sense of balance improved.



Duration of the class – 60 min. (advanced booking is required, the number of participants is limited) Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga is a practice that combines the principles of yoga, stretching, Pilates, and callanetics and has become one of the most popular fitness trends. Performing asana poses while suspended stretches the whole body, triggers self-rejuvenation of the body, and improves the overall health of the person. Aerial yoga is based on the use of a hammock. It carries some of your body weight. The main principle of yoga in the air works because of the forces of gravity – stretching through relaxation. The natural decompression of the spine in the hammock reduces strain on the back and neck and the moderate pressure on the joints makes exercise comfortable and pain-free. It is good for anyone with a sedentary lifestyle, scoliosis, or other posture related ailments. Prices: 25 eur (for customers with a membership); 35 eur (for customers without a membership).