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Medical Clinic – Balttour 2023

The priority of the Medical Clinic “Baltic Beach” is medical rehabilitation, which despite this difficult, yet dynamic time allows us to take care of our health in a timely manner, in close collaboration with medical professionals.

Developed with utmost care, each rehabilitation programme provides for the development of an individual rehabilitation plan for each patient, which includes therapeutic gymnastics, individual or group training in a gym or pool, physiotherapy procedures (hydrotherapy and heat therapy procedures, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, magnet therapy, and laser therapy), a wide range of therapeutic massages, halotherapy (salt chamber), aerotherapy, and Nordic Walking training.  We offer a wide range of therapeutic baths, as well as mud and underwater massages.

All procedures and therapies included in the rehabilitation programmes are aimed at preventing complications caused by a disease, improving the physical strength and psycho-emotional state, and recovering the working capacity.


Lose the Extra Inches

7 days/6 nights. Target group: those who wish to lose weight, to look better, and to have easier life


Restart your body (includes consultation by a physician)

4 days/3 nights. Target group – people affected by stress, frequent illnesses, constant fatigue, hard physical and mental work, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and bad habits (alcohol and smoking)



7 days/6 nights. Revention, treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of diseases


Be Healthy

The goal of the Be Healthy program is to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.