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Physiotherapist’s consultation

Posture, gait, ability, and quality of movement are assessed, the spine is evaluated, muscle strength and length are checked, the extent of joint movement is assessed, and special tests – neurological and functional – are conducted depending on the complaints and objective data. The physiotherapist will make recommendations and suggestions for daily activities and sports. Based on the information collected, the specialist will develop a personalised exercise programme to suit your needs.

Remedial exercise

The main objective of remedial exercise is to reduce and eliminate the patient’s functional disorders and pain syndrome.

The aim of remedial exercise is to improve the quality of life and reduce health problems. Remedial exercise is recommended for apparently healthy people, patients with various medical and functional issues; it is a wonderful opportunity for people to be active based on their functional status and health state, and to improve their physical performance and positively influence their quality of work, study and life.

During remedial exercise sessions, the physiotherapist uses various physical therapy methods, teaches how to perform the exercises correctly, and gives advice on daily postures and movements. Sessions are held in a welcoming atmosphere promoting well-being, which is a key factor in improving health and increasing the effectiveness of the sessions. Athletes are also advised to participate in remedial exercise sessions for treatment and rehabilitation of various injuries.

The physiotherapy team at Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA offers the following remedial exercise options:

  • Remedial exercise to improve posture and gait – with special exercises for relaxation, stretching, movement, strengthening muscles, preventing imbalances, and teaching correct movement. It helps examine problem areas, work with them, and find a way to a beautiful look, a straight back and an attractive gait.
  • Remedial exercises to improve balance and coordination – balance exercises are exceptionally good at training joint stability – all the muscles around the joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Remedial exercises to work out the deep muscles – The deep muscles, which include the muscles of the spine, pelvis, chest, and other deep muscles, are actually the basis of the human musculature. They form an invisible cocoon of muscles and ligaments covering bone structures, the spine, ribs, and joints. These are necessary to move and hold the body as well as the head.
  • Remedial exercise for children (including in the swimming pool) – The sessions focus on preventing increased muscle tone, correcting posture, flexibility, improving coordination and physical endurance, as well as various breathing exercises. We also offer parents of new-borns to learn how to handle their child ergonomically and effortlessly from an early age.
  • Remedial exercise for pregnant women is a light, relaxing workout that helps to prepare for labour and delivery, including a range of exercises to strengthen muscles, relaxation techniques and breathing techniques.
  • Remedial exercise in case of spinal disorders (traumatic or degenerative) – Maintaining a healthy spine is especially important for all of us. The main function of the spine is to contain the entire support system and ensure movement of the body in all directions. Back pain is definitely not the daily norm and should not be tolerated.
  • Remedial exercise after injuries, orthopaedic surgeries – we offer an individualised programme of rehabilitation after injuries/orthopaedic surgeries. During the consultation, after assessing and reviewing the documents on the examinations performed, the physiotherapist will be able to choose suitable techniques and help you recover your physical abilities as quickly as possible.
  • Remedial exercise in case of carpal tunnel – an exercise plan is drawn up using various techniques, stretching exercises and relaxation techniques are particularly important.

The choice of a suitable programme and session time will be set individually, and sessions can take place in groups or individually.

Prices – from 36 EUR
Subscription price (10 times) – 250 EUR