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BBQ Picnick | TakeAway

€ 80,00

Invite friends to a great grill afternoon. Your only job – to heat the grill and prepare the table for serving. Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA chefs will take care of the rest.

  • Cold beet soup


  • Pork neck chops sashlik in wine – onion marinade (600g)
  • Chicken ham sashlik in yogurt –  lemon marinade (600g)
  • Salmon fillet sashlik in mustard – honey marinade(600g)


  • Spicy ketchup, garlic mayonnaise, BBQ-whisky


  • Grill vegetables with homemade pesto on skewers
  • Potato with herb butter for cooking in foil
  • Corn for grilling
  • Tomatoes for grilling with homemade pesto


  • Yogurt
  • Cream – herbal
  • Cheese


  • Green salad with seasonal vegetables, Caesar salad with smoked chicken breast and Parmezan
  • Homemade focaccia with cherry tomatoes, garlic and rosemary

Grill dishes are prepared for grilling, salads and sauces are packed and ready to serve
Everything is packed separately for take – away
If delivery is required, additional charge – EUR 10
The amount of food is calculated for 4 persons

Please place your order no later than 12 hours before the desired time of receipt by phone 67771428.
You can make your order during the restaurant open hours (Il Sole 10.00-22.00)