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Brunch | TakeAway

€ 85,00

For a great holiday feeling. Enjoy the best brunch in the city at your own home.


  • Grilled eggplant rolls with goat cheese
  • Potato rösti with salted salmon
  • Insalata Caprese (Cherry tomatoes with Mozzarella di bufala)
  • Vitello tonnato – weal with tuna and caper sauce


  • Sea bass fillet in white wine with olives and cherry tomatoes
  • Slowly prepared beef ribeye in mushroom sauce
  • Duck confit with berry sauce

Side dishes

  • Baked potatoes with garlic and herbal crust
  • Ratatouille Provencale
  • Baked cauliflower in BBQ sauce
  • Seasonal vegetable salad


  • Homemade focaccia with rosemary, garlic and olives
  • Whole grain rye bread with seeds


  • Tiramisu, nut cupcakes with salty caramel, fruit salad

All dishes are prepared for serving and individually packed for take-away.
The amount of food is calculated for 4 persons.
If delivery is required, additional charge – EUR 10

Please place your order no later than 12 hours before the desired time of receipt by phone 67771428
You can make your order during the restaurant open hours (Il Sole 10.00-22.00)