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Burger Party | TakeAway

€ 75,00

If you want to make your children happy or just miss a taste of truly good burger.

  • High quality beef burgers x 2
  • Chicken meat burgers x 2
  • Lamb meat burgers x 2

Ingredients for a great burger:

  • Butter brioche, whole grain burger buns, pita bread, cheese sauce
  • Mozzarella, red Cheddar cheese
  • BBQ sauce, tzatziki sauce, cocktail sauce
  • Pickled and fresh red onions, lettuce ,tomatoes, pickled cucumber


  • Corn for grilling
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato wedges in spices ready for baking
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard sauce

Products are prepared for serving, burger meat – prepared for grill. Everything is packed separately for take – away.
The amount of food is calculated for 4 persons
If delivery is required, additional charge – EUR 10
Please place your order no later than 12 hours before the desired time of receipt by phone 67771428.
You can make your order during the restaurant open hours (Il Sole 10.00-22.00)