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Classical massages


Classic massage stimulates the ability to relieve stress, improves metabolism, and increases the tone and vitality of the body. There are used four basic massage techniques: stroking, friction, kneading and vibrating.

Back massage 30 min.
Massage is focused on the neck, shoulders and back area up to the sacrum of the spine.

Full classical massage (medium) 60 min.
Full body massage medium strength

Full intensive massage (deep) 60 min.
Classic massage, very strong

Lymph drainage massage 60 min.
A gentle and rhythmic massage performed along the lymphatic drainage pathways

Segmental massage 60 min.
Segmental massage – therapeutic back massage by spine segments

Reflex foot massage 60 min.
The massage is performed by stimulating energetically active, reflexogenic feet, improving the metabolism and the general condition of the body.

Massage for future mothers 60 min.
Gentle therapeutic massage

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