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Secrets of the eternal youth and beauty of the Queen of Egypt

The aroma bath “Camel milk” – using camel milk with perfumery oils and active oxygen (ozone). / 15 min.
Cosmetic wrapping in warm water at 38º C, supplemented with a soft water bubble, filled with active oxygen, massage.

Cosmetic body wrapping “Camel milk” – using camel milk with collagen. / 40 min.
Delays the ageing process, stimulates the synthesis of your personal collagen and elastin.

Cosmetic face mask “Camel milk” – using camel milk with collagen. / 20 min.
A bright lifting and updating effect, smooths wrinkles, improves facial contour and colour. 
*It is possible to order only an additional type for another procedure, price 25 eur.)

“Cleopatra” perfum oil – the mysterious aroma of the East:
Top notes: rose, magnolia, jasmine
Middle notes: vaniline, patchouli
Base notes: rockrose, musk

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