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Equipment treatments


Equipment aesthetic treatments, using the latest innovative equipment, constructed on the base of the scientific discoveries in the field of physical aesthetic medicine,  to decrease the body weight and volume, and keep a slim silhouette.

Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage 40 min. 
Machine massage with pressure therapy. Helps to remove excess fluid and toxines. 40 min. With bandage wrapping “Corset”.

SPA – capsule 40 min. 
Machine technology with light therapy, thermotherapy and vibrational massage

Liposculpture 60 min. 
Lipolytic massage using electromyostimulation.
Passive gymnastics – equal to a two-hour workout in the gym

Vacuum massage 60 min. 
Massage using the Weyergans vacuum technology

Starvac 60 min.
Vacuum roller massage

Icoone 60 min.
Contemporary vacuum roller massage using laser technology
** is necessary to buy special suit for treatment  29 

Cryomassage Monaco 60 min.
Cryolipolysis on a new generation machine, using laser technology and myostimulation