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Medical Apparatus Procedures


Aesthetic procedures – using the latest equipment, created on the basis of scientific discoveries in the field of physical aesthetic medicine to reduce body weight and volume and maintain a slim silhouette.

Ozone capsule 30 min.
This is an innovative technology, exclusively presented in our SPA. Helps to remove toxins, burn fat, speed up metabolism and improve skin elasticity

Sunspectra kapsula 40 min.
Using light therapy, thermotherapy and vibration massage

Water bed – Zero gravity 40 min.
Physiotherapeutic procedure based on deep muscle relaxation in a state close to weightlessness. Promotes deep relaxation and equates to six hours of sleep

Presso-lymphatic drainage 40 min.
Lymphatic drainage massage apparatus with pressure change – improves lymphatic circulation, removes accumulated fluid, impurities and toxins
*Extra – modeling wrapping procedure Corset

Liposculpture 60 min.
Lipolytic massage using electrostimulation. Equivalent to 90 minutes of intense workout in the gym. Helps to reduce subcutaneous fat and to develop a slim body

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