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Exotic massages


Thai massage
A traditional rejuvenating system incorporating Thai massage techniques – stretching, pressing, reflexology and activation of energy points and meridians.

Thai ritual – Paradise Delight
Full body massage with oil, including massage with warm volcanic stones.

Chinese massage
An ancient Chinese full body massage using a special stone plate of the same name. The movements performed directly along the meridians and the adjacent biologically active or acupuncture points.

Ayurveda Indian massage
Relaxing massage based on a mixture of warm Ayurvedic and aromatic oils, which is performed on energy points (marma), lines (nadis) and meridians that run through the whole body.

Bali massage
During the massage, internal nervous tension is released, which blocks the natural movement of energy through points and meridians in the human body. As a result – stress, negative information is reduced, and in return, the body is filled with inner harmony and pure vital energy. Love is the main emotional component of this type of massage.

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