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New – Infrared Ozone Capsule

€ 39,00

The faces of celebrities “shine” with youth and freshness thanks to ozone therapy. But what is the secret? Everyone knows that in the summer after a thunderstorm, the air becomes fresh, clean, with a special aroma. Stratospheric ozone is indicated to be the principal source of ozone associated with thunderstorms. Ozone is a more active biologically pure form of oxygen. More than 150 years of world practice testifies to the fact that real miracles happen with your face and body during ozone therapy:

  • Break fat deposits;
  • Tighten muscles, increase their tone and elasticity;
  • Smooth wrinkles. Reducing signs of aging;
  • Improve the condition of the hair, contributing to their growth;

⚜️ Standard price: 39 euros (30 min)

Buying on our website: -25% of the standard price.

The offer is valid: 03.02.2020 – 03.03.2020

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