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Fitness Classes

Powerlab Fitness offers a wide range of fitness classes that include health training such as Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and strength and endurance training such as Move IT, Powercross, TRX and more.

We are truly passionate about ensuring our guests have a positive, fulfilling experience every time they enter Powerlab Fitness.  Guests of the sports complex can consult with our professional coaches to choose a tailor-made programme devised according to their needs and desires. We especially take pride in our trainers’ expertise in private, highly-personalised tutorials, which are available on request. Whether searching for a weight-loss programme, dance, or aerobics class, invigorating strength training or a relaxing yoga session, our enthusiastic and skilled instructors will come up with the most effective individual plan for you.

Fitness programme

Fat reduction

Intense training under the supervision of a personal trainer, with an individually tailored workout programme and nutrition plan, will keep you motivated on the journey towards your dream figure. Body mass analysis prior to starting the programme and after two weeks of working out with the trainer, will help to objectively evaluate the achieved results. The offer includes six sessions with a trainer, a two-week nutrition plan and two body mass analyses.

Fitness programme

Increasing muscle mass

Are you preparing for a competition or simply looking to tone your body? Then this two-week programme is the perfect choice for you! Individual and motivating sessions with a trainer, a nutrition plan for the entire training period, and body mass analysis both at the start and end of the programme, will allow you to achieve your desired results in the shortest time possible.

Fitness programme

Improving mobility

The goal of the programme is to develop your soft tissues and joints, improving the range of motion in the body. This programme is beneficial for anyone looking to improve their quality of life, but especially those who are physically active in their daily lives and at the gym. Strengthening your joints will help to eradicate pain and discomfort in your day to day life, and also to avoid injuries.

Fitness programme

Posture improvement

Proper posture can not only affect how we move and feel in our daily lives, but also how we present ourselves in public and the impression we make. Our skeleton, muscles and ligaments are all responsible for posture, which is why it is crucial that they are healthy. This programme will teach you to stand, walk, sit and even sleep in ways that put the least tension and stress on your supporting ligaments and muscles. As a result, they will operate more efficiently, consume less energy and be more resistant to injury, while protecting your joints from excessive wear.