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Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA fitness club offers:

  • Training and consultations for newborns and children with a physiotherapist
  • Swimming pool visit with warm sea water
  • Children’s swimming lessons
  • Children’s physical development study:


Swimming – the way how to return to our first natural environment we lived. Swimming is a source of joy and energy, elixir of youth accessible to everyone. Swimming is unique exercise – during the training all muscle groups are involved at the same time. It helps to create and maintain proper posture, strengthen immunity and cardiovascular system. Swimming helps in rehabilitation after injuries, effectively relieves stress and helps to lose weight.


For children from 6 years of age. Contact sports, martial arts. Develops discipline, endurance, coordination and strength. As a result, physical strength and endurance are significantly improved, immunity is strengthened. Exercise promotes the child’s discipline, as well as respect for the coach, partner and others.


For children from 5 years of age. Corrective gymnastics based on the basic principles of therapeutic gymnastics, yoga, pilates and classical stretching. Helps restore tendons, joint mobility, strengthen muscles and develop flexibility. As a result, posture and movement are improved, the deep muscles of the body and immunity are strengthened and the sense of balance is significantly improved.


Children aged 5 years or older. Dance training, accompanied by Latin American music, using the basics of aerobics, exercise and fitness. This strengthens the child’s physical body, improves posture, overall endurance, joint motility and coordination. The training helps to ease the fatigue, the child gets a love for dance, and the mood is improving. On Mondays, at 18:00.


For children 4 years of age. A lesson during which a variety of exercise and dance exercises are performed with accompanied music. Movement, posture, stretching coordination and precision are evolving. The lesson contributes to the development of good taste and artistic behaviour. On Fridays, at 18:00.