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For Kids

Powerlab Fitness has also thought about our new generation so that you can safely indulge in your fitness goals while the children spend well on our Kid Club. Or practice in any of the gym lessons in the pool or gym.

Today’s children are generally less physically active and spend much of their time sitting. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for them to regularly attend at least one sports activity. We invite your children to learn how to swim or improve their swimming skills in group training. The ability to swim is a vital skill to learn, stays with you for life, and in addition to being lots of fun, it also strengthens and relaxes the body.

Swimming lessons improve balance and help to relieve tension in the body. Parents notice an improvement in the appetite of children and an increase in immunity. Swimming regularly tones the body, while also increasing stamina and improving posture. We recommend attending swimming lessons during the school year – from autumn to spring. During this period, the child will both learn basic movements and breathing techniques..