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Pilate’s studio

Pilates – physical fitness system consisting of controlled movements: starting from low level to high, everything is done in a calm manner and at your own pace. These exercises are meant for detailed muscle exploration, especially focusing on the deep muscles, as well as the flexibility of core, joints, improving posture, helping to maintain healthy weight etc.

Medical studies have proven the rehabilitation aspect of Pilates – it has efficiently helped in pain relief and making the body free from nervous tensions. These exercises improve sleep quality and helps to reduce stress and anxiety accumulated throughout the day and gives energy boost.

Exercises with Pilates equipment

Exercises improve flexibility, builds strength and releases neuromuscular pain while not accumulating excessive tension for the back. Exercises include balance and strength elements, flexibility, and control combination with a low cardio intensity.

Prevents multiple spinal problems that allows people with different medical conditions participate in Pilates, such as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphosis etc. All exercises are done with control, the muscles are working against gravity and the resistance of the body itself, this makes the workout even more effective.

Polestar Pilates mission: “Shape the world health with intelligent movement resulting in mastery of body and mind of self, as well as society.”

This system is safe and suitable for everyone, regardless of their gender, body type, endurance etc.

More information and registration for a Pilates studio visit : +371 67 771 442

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