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Certified Powerlab Fitness trainers will prepare an individual fitness program, for our mebers to reach their fitness goals faster and maximize training effect.

Antons Nemess

Anton is a graduate of Riga Stradins University, a health sports specialist and a Category B trainer. He has completed his professional training with a TRX Trainer Certificate and as a “K-teiping pro therapist”. Professionally engaged in rowing sports. 26592539 anton_nemesh@mail.ru

Alina Alohina

Alina is a health sports expert and believes that sticking to a certain regime can help you achieve a specific goal in life as well as in sports. Exercising regularly will achieve an excellent result, the key is don’t slow down on progress, and the result is guaranteed. +37223999809 alohina.a@inbox.lv

Iveta Ancveriņa-Roze

Iveta is a trainer with over 25 years of experience. In childhood she was engaged in gymnastics, vice champion of Latvian aerobics championships. Graduate of Polestar Pilates International (USA). Iveta says that freedom of movement through self-awareness gives you much more opportunity to enjoy quality life.

Laura Frančenko

Laura is a certified fitness trainer and has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Prior to that, she was professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics, as well as learning the basics of Latin American dance. By combining dance movements with the basic principles of aerobic training, Laura has created a Dance fitness program that allows you to effectively lose weight, improve your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. You can join too!

Maxim Guschik

Maxim is a multiple winner of international amateur and professional boxing competitions. Graduated in sports education as a C category fitness and boxing coach. Maxim’s professional coach experience is more than 10 years. +37126069049 Zastavit@inbox.lv

Natālija Gailāne

Natalia has a higher education in nutrition science, a C category sports certificate. European Champion in Massage Therapy and Manual Tech. In sports and fitness, Natalia is over 15 years. Cheerful, creative, determined and loving. Motto – “Be Active, Be Strong, Enjoy Every Minute” +37126384852 nataliagailane@gmail.com

Marat Damlamajan

Marat is a multiple winner of Latvian championships and international tournaments and medal winner in judo and sambo battles. Participant in the European and World Championships. More than 25 years in sports. Graduate of sports education in London – “Level 2 Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Level 1 Judo Instructor at IJF Academy”. In addition to the certificate – “Move in group Training Program”. Movement is life! «Mens sana in corpore sano!» 20110119 accesstosuccess1@gmail.com

Solvita Ļeļeva

Solvita is a Masters in Sports Education with a “B” class trainer certificate and many years of experience in group and individual trainings. Professional sports experience Latvian, Baltic, European and World champion and vice champion in athletics Masters competitions in sprint disciplines and long jump. Professional motto: “Beautiful, healthy, well-groomed and trained body is the greatest wealth of every person” 29507405 ativlosk@inbox.lv