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Sea Wellness

Sea Wellness


Sea water is the magic elixir of your health, youth and beauty all year round…

Working time:
I – V / 8:00 – 21:00
VI -VII / 8:00 – 21:00

For your convenience, visits are divided into sessions. Disinfection and ventilation of the premises are performed between sessions.

Information & Reservation: res@balticbeach.lv; +371 67771411

Seawater Pool

Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA proudly presents our brand new 25m lap pool with the heated sea water. It offers our guests a relaxing swim or energetic aqua-exercises.

An engineering structure of the water supply from the depths of the Baltic Sea is considered to be an outstanding solution in whole Northern Europe. The most innovative water purification equipment allows refining the sea water from sand and undesired particles while keeping up to 88% of the microelements the sea water is valued for. This distinctive system grants an opportunity to savour sea-like swimming experience even in winter.

For pool visitors, we also offer eight massage stations, underwater massage shells, 3-meter high waterfalls, an aqua trampolines and a Jacuzzi.

Roman mineral sauna

Body cleansing and mineralization. Temperature 45-50 °, humidity 95%. During the visit to the sauna, the body slowly begins to warm up under the influence of warm steam. Mineral water is supplied to the sauna every 15 minutes – in a warm, finely distributed condition. The pronounced effect of mineralization – the health of the musculoskeletal system.

Himalayan salt sauna

Body cleansing and detoxification. Temperature 90-95 °, humidity 12-15%. During the visit to the sauna, the body begins an intensified cleansing process. Himalayan salt is the best natural absorbent that removes slag and toxins from the body. Significant lymphatic drainage effect – decrease in body weight and volume.

Cedar bath

Cleansing the body and restoring energy reserves. Temperature 65-70 °, humidity 30-35%. During the visit to the sauna, the body begins to actively fill with unique Canadian cedar phytoncides, which stimulate metabolic processes and increase energy flow. Significant activation of vitality and significant strengthening of immunity.

Kids pool

For young guests of the Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA, we offer a visit to the children’s swimming pool, the parameters of which meet all safety requirements. The pool is suitable for children up to 5 years old and the built-in mini fountain will bring joy and pleasant emotions to every little visitor.

All guests must be examined by Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA medical staff prior to their visit. In case of suspicion of an infectious skin disease during the medical examination, the hotel administration reserves the right to FORBID the visit to water areas with swimming pools until providing relevant medical documents from a dermatologist.