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“Ayur” means life and “Veda” means science or knowledge. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical science from India and comes with hordes of benefits. The system is based on the understanding of five elements – air, fire, water, earth and ether. These combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies, called doshas. They control how your body works. They are Vata dosha (space and air); Pitta dosha (fire and water); and Kapha dosha (water and earth).

The principle of Ayurveda is the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease, although treatments may be geared toward specific health problems. The goals of the treatment chosen are to aid the person by eliminating impurities, reducing symptoms, increasing resistance to disease, reducing worry, and increasing harmony in life.

Namaste, and welcome to the Ayurveda Centre!

about our clinic

Ayurveda in India

Guests of this authentic Ayurvedic Centre will discover a holistic natural therapy – the ancient art of Ayurveda. The relaxing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments and therapies create a balance between the body and mind.

Managed by one of the most renowned Ayurvedic institutions in India ARYA VAIDYA PHARMACY, the Ayurveda Centre ensures a perfect environment of luxury and pampering for guests. The Ayurveda Centre’s philosophy is realising unity with nature and recognising divinity within the self.

The Ayurveda Centre offers the highest quality of service provided by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor “Vaidya “and therapists, trained by Ayurveda masters who offer authentic, time-honoured traditional therapies to create harmony and balance. The Ayurvedic doctor’s consultations on lifestyle awareness and balance draw upon the wisdom of the ancient science and philosophy of India.

our doctors

Dr Paul Dinil

Dr Dinil has vast experience in a clinical setting, as well as in teaching Ayurveda . Part of a team of lecturers for the Introductory Course in Ayurveda at the University of Latvia for 2 years hosting various lectures and workshops. Works for AVP Baltics Clinic in Riga, and is a senior physician at Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayalam (Coimbatore) Hospital and research institute, one of the finest in India.


our doctors

Dr Somit Kumar

Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Head of Clinical Pharmacology & Interdisciplinary Research at The Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam and Research Institute, Coimbatore, India, since 2005.  He has completed his Post Graduate Degree in Ayurvedic Pharmacology and specializes in Clinical Rheumatology and also pursuing his doctorial research in the standardization of antidiabetic formulation at the University of Latvia. He has been part of NIH studies on Efficacy of Ayurveda in Rheumatoid Arthritis and currently is working as a co-investigator in the study to evaluate the efficacy of a customized Ayurvedic treatment in Type 2 diabetes and genetic disorders like Duchene Muscular Dystrophy.



The application of medicated oil on the head and body promotes strength, sleep, growth &firmness of the hair and body. It improves blood circulation and complexion of the skin. (60 min)



This is a unique lifestyle therapy aimed at aging gracefully. The program includes cleansing therapy for five sense organs – Anjana(eyes), Nasya (nose), Karnapoorana (ears), Dantadhavanam & Kavalam (mouth) &Abhyangam (skin). The experience gives a unique sensation of freshness and total cleanliness and a new spark of energy for the rest of the day. Simply, the attention paid daily to our sense organs can lead to a qualitative change in the overall health status of the body and mind. (90 minutes)



This is a special treatment used to tone muscles, reduce the fat and alleviate water retention in the body. A course of this treatment can reduce the body weight. This technique consists of a gentle application of the prescribed medicated oil followed by rubbing of herbal paste in the opposite direction of your energy flow. (60 minutes)


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