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Massages & other treatments

Classical massages

There are four basic massage techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibrating. A classic massage stimulates the ability to relieve stress, improve metabolism, and increase the tone, vitality of the body.


Peeling massages

Peeling massage – gently and deeply cleanse the skin, activates blood circulation and lymph circulation, and makes the skin amazingly smooth, even and radiant.



Exclusive massages

Exclusive massages – unique massage techniques of “Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA”.


Exotic massages

Exotic massages include ancient Oriental massage techniques provided by certified massage therapists from Thailand, India and China.


Apparatus massages

Equipment aesthetic treatments, using the latest innovative equipment, constructed on the base of the scientific discoveries in the field of physical aesthetic medicine,   to decrease the body weight and volume, and keep a slim silhouette.