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Body & Soul

Body & Soul

Massages & other treatments


Peeling massage – helps to gently and deeply cleanse the skin, activates blood circulation and lymph circulation, and makes the skin amazingly smooth, even and radiant.

THALASSO – the treatment uses ingredients of marine origin; provides a detoxifying and anti-cellulite effect:

  • Sea 30 min.

the peeling is enriched with salt from the Dead Sea

  • Algae 30 min.

the peeling contains Dead Sea salt, chopped Laminaria Ochroleuca kelp, olive oil and peppermint aromatic oil

  • Caviar 30 min.

the peeling uses a light textured cream with red or black caviar extract

IMPERIAL – the treatment uses precious stones and precious metals; provides a rejuvenating and toning effect:

  • Pearl 30 min

the peeling contains natural pearl powder, wax granules, jojoba, daisies, sage and aloe extracts

  • Amber 30 min

the peeling uses a delicate textured cream with crushed natural amber powder

  • Gold 30 min

the peeling uses massage nectar with 24 carat gold dust



ORGANICA – natural ingredients are used in the treatment; it provides an antioxidant and rejuvenating effect:

  • Silk 30 min.

the peeling contains natural silk proteins

  • Chocolate 30 min.

the peeling contains crushed chocolate, AHA fruit acid complex, Madagascar vanilla extract and seaweed

  • Coffee 30 min.

the peeling contains espresso coffee, AHA fruit acid complex, Madagascar vanilla extract and seaweed

  • Bamboo 30 min.

the peeling uses a delicate textured cream with crushed bamboo particles

  • Fruit 30 min.

the peeling is based on a vitamin C rich cream with crushed fruit particles

  • Nuts 30 min.

the peeling contains a nut nectar with Oriental spices (cinnamon, pepper, coriander)

  • Pomegranate 30 min.

the peeling contains cane sugar, pomegranate pulp, cranberry and apple extract

  • Tea 30 min.

the peeling contains crushed green or black tea, lemongrass leaves, aloe vera, AHA fruit acid complex and seaweed extract

General classic massage 


Classic massages

There are four basic massage techniques:  stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibrating.  A classic massage stimulates the ability to relieve stress, improves metabolism, and increases the tone and vitality of the body.

Collar area massage 

The effect of the massage is focused on the head, neck and shoulders

Face and décolleté massage

A complex facial and décolleté massage that improves skin elasticity, enhances skin tone and reduces wrinkles

Back massage 

The massage affects the neck, shoulders and back (up to the sacrum of the back)

Massage of problem areas 

The massage affects the painful or tense parts of the body

Recommended for cellulite treatment

General classic massage 

Medium strength full-body massage


Exotic Massages

An exotic massage involves a combination of manual and energetic techniques of Oriental massage.

Chinese massage “Silver”

A full body massage with special silver gloves with electro-stimulation

Indian massage “Ayurveda”

A relaxing massage using warm blends of Ayurvedic and essential oils and massaging them into energetic points (marma points), lines (nadi) and meridians that run along the body

Thai massage “Lotus” 

A traditional rejuvenating system incorporating Thai massage techniques; stretching, pressing, reflexology and activation of energy points and meridians


Exclusive Massages

Exclusive massages – unique massage techniques of Spa Baltic Beach


An aroma massage using natural amber oil and semi-precious stones and applying classic and Oriental massage techniques

“Scheherazade’s Tales” 

A lymphatic drainage massage with warm aromatic oil and seashells

“Mountain Lavender” 

A warming massage performed with warm linen pouches filled with sea salt and natural flowers of mountain lavender

Volcanic stone massage

A warming massage with natural oils and warm stones of volcanic origin

Massage with burning candle 

A warming massage with warm beeswax and natural lavender, citrus or olive oil


Cosmetic Body Wrapping

Using gentle textured masks with a sophisticated aroma and exquisite glow

Cosmetic body wrapping treatments stimulate the skin regeneration processes, helping to protect elastin fibres and develop your own collagen.

MEDICAL – uses healing natural minerals for the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
Effect – anti-inflammatory, analgesic and rejuvenating

• Mud

the mask is based on the mud of the world’s best medical resorts; peaty sapropel, sea and volcanic mud

• Black gold

the mask is based on natural naphthalene from Azerbaijan

• Tar

the mask is based on natural birch tar, vacuum treated and enriched with natural ginseng, beetroot, peppermint and camomile extracts

• Clay

the mask is based on blue, white or black clay

• Turpentine

the mask is based on conifer resin turpentine and medicinal plants: celandine, camomile, dandelion, plantain, pine and birch buds

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