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Banja Rituals

Enjoy the баня

„The Баня” visit Cosmetic peeling with a lemon juice in a Russian sauna Brooming Body wrap in a honey-wheat mask Country style lunch

Golden orchid

„The Garden” visit Cosmetic peeling on a gold powder base Aroma massage with a gold nectar Collagen mask with a gold nectar Collagen facial mask Oxygen cocktail

Treasures of the sea

„The Garden” visit Massage with warm gloves Sea salt peeling with laminaria Sea algae body wrap Aromatic massage Natural fruit cocktail

Pomegrante & milk

„The Garden” visit Massage with warm gloves Pomegranate scrub Milk body wash Body and face mask Goat’s milk body and face mask Reflexology foot massage Oxygen mask

White pearl

„The Garden” visit Massage with warm gloves Peeling with sea salt and a natural pearl powder Cosmetic body wrap Collagen face mask Aroma massage Cocktail of natural fruits and berries


„The Garden” visit Cosmetic peeling with an amber powder Aroma massage with amber oil Collagen facial mask Vitamin cocktail

East fairy tale

„The Garden” visit Soap foam massage on a warm marble table Cosmetic clay body wrap Rejuvenating face mask Aroma massage with argan oil Cocktail from natural berries and fruits